Your imagination. Our creativity

What is the need to create? That we do not know exactly, but like no one else we understand that need. We understand that you would wish your home to become unique, one-of-a-kind - we have the ability to make this happen. It is understandable that you might want to adorn your roof with a culmination of your ideas – we will produce your dreamed-of ornament. We understand if you wanted your surrounding space to reflect your personality. We know how that feels. So what is your need like? We give you the possibility. Imagination is yours.

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Our technology

Although each product requires us to use a wide variety of sheet metal forming techniques, the vast majority of our work is created using a technique called repoussage. What is it exactly?

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Our products tend to be referred to as the home jewellery. There is a lot of truth to this, since each element is made by hand. Our work bear our signature - a finished product receives the mark of our workshop.

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It usually takes a lot of time before the thin sheet of metal transform into one of our products. And when this happens, we perpetuate our achievements - both in the form of pictures, as well as in the form of movies.

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Rextorn Metalwork

51-180 Wroclaw
Psary, ul. Glowna 13
NIP: 898-216-91-46

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