Presentation of our Kroanh gargoyle - a zoomorphic sculpture inspired by the wolf motif. This gargoyle was made entirely by hand using the technique of deep repoussage, of the highest quality 1.2 mm thick titanium-zinc sheet. Considering the design, Kroanh is the most modern gargoyle in our offer - it looks great on buildings of a contemporary design. It can be made of zinc or copper sheet to fit any pipe.

Rain Chain

Presentation of a hand-made rain chain made of sheet copper. This chain was custom made and designed especially to be mounted on a thick, steel chain, by which the water was carried away from the roof of a large building. The dimensions of the respective cups were 25 cm x 20 cm, which is over two times more than with the standard chains, available on popular auction sites - the outcome was really impressive. Our only regret is that during the recording session we did not have the opportunity to pour water through the chain - the sight of water flowing down through the chain cascade is truly amazing.

Copper Rose

Presentation of one of our occasional flowers - a hand-made repousse copper rose, made of 1.0 mm thick copper sheet and wire. The rose was custom made of a nice gentleman, who on the occasion of a round anniversary of his relationship decided to give his chosen one a truly elegant and unique gift ;)