Spheres and Oval Elements

         Although the majority of our works is created using technique called repoussage, we also use many other techniques for manual sheet metal shaping - spinning is one of them.

         Metal spinning is a mechanical process, during which a rotating metal disc is manually pressed against the mould using a specially shaped tool called a spoon. Proficiency in this technique allows us to create with precision all kinds of axially symmetrical elements, such as: spheres, hemispheres, chalices, cones, rings, etc.

         A huge advantage of the metal spinning process is low cost of producing the moulds and the possibility to form round pieces, which would often be impossible to produce using the stamping process. To spin a particular element a hand-made draft will usually suffice, on the basis of which we will produce the mould, and then produce the piece out of sheet copper or sheet zinc.  


Spheres of copper and titanium-zinc

We are able to produce any sizes of spheres and hemispheres of copper and titanium-zinc (from 1 cm to 50 cm diameter).