Special Orders

         Special orders represent the part of our work that we enjoy the most. Nothing could give us greater satisfaction than being able to face a new challenge, test our skills and demonstrate our creativity. And it makes no difference to us whether will you order a small brooch, which you wish to give to a close person, or come to us with a project to produce a clone replica of the statue of Venus de Milo - in both cases we will treat you equally well, and the work entrusted to us will be approached with full commitment.

         Our skills allow us to carry out any unusual task within the scope of metalwork - the only thing that limits us is the human imagination and the time necessary to complete the task. If you have an idea for your own product or you want us to have one design especially for you, on the basis of your guidelines - please contact us. In most cases all we need is a description or hand-made drawing, or a picture found on the web to prepare the design and cost estimation.


Kings Crown

A true copy of the medieval kings crown, custom made of sheet copper, thoroughly reproduced on the basis of the museum archive photograph, made to fit the head of its owner. This product came out perfectly: the crown is heavy and solid, and whoever wears it can actually feel the power of the authority and majesty ;)