Rain Chains

         "Kusari Doi" rain chains are used in Japan for hundreds of years. Such copper chains can be found in temples, houses and gardens across the country. Recently the "Kusari Doi" have also come to Europe, where now it is having its renaissance. Rain chains present both decorative and utility values - they are a beautiful and functional alternative to downspouts, creating a breathtaking cascade of water flowing between the cups of the chain.

         A rain chain is composed of a series of containers connected together by chain, through which the water flows down from the roof. It can be easily installed to the existing gutter systems - it is mounted inside the gutter's outflow. Water from the chain can be directed right to the ground, or for example to a decorative copper bowl, on a pile of rocks, or into a wooden barrel.

         Our workshop specialize in custom made rain chains, according to the customer's design - all our products are made by hand, therefore there is a complete freedom in choice of shape, style and location of the respective cups. All our chains are made of pure sheet copper or sheet zinc, what ensures durability and getting covered over time with an elegant and natural patina.


Rain chain

This chain was custom made and designed especially to be mounted on a steel chain that was decorating the building. It was made by hand of a pure sheet copper. Please take a look at the rain chain presentation movie in the "Presentations" section.