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Metalwork is our Passion. Our every creation is worked on with devotion and pleasure, which clearly reflects in the quality of our services. We take great deal of satisfaction out of what we do.

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We never work in a hurry. Every piece of our work is perfected until it reaches a satisfactory level. Our work bear our signature - a finished product receives the mark of our workshop.

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We possess skills allowing us to realize projects that others would not simply dare to take on. We love challenges. In the realm of metalwork we move freely and without any restrictions.

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Individual approach

We are a small workshop. Every order is approached individually, any customer's indications and needs are considered carefully, so that our product reflected the initial idea and all expectations as closely as possible.

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Openness and flexibility

We are reliable, honest and ambitious. We are not afraid of taking on the most daring of ideas. The only thing that limits us is the human imagination and the time necessary to complete the task.

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